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Time for Freedom

There are many spiritual books and many ways, but no one is "right," "true," or "more genuine" than another. There are no "wrong", "untrue" or "fake" ways, but only decisions that a person makes for himself and what a person means for "right", "true", "real", "wrong", " untrue ", and" unreal "stops.


If you agree with me on this point, then this book is "right" for you, if not, then put it back on the shelf and keep looking for the path that is right for you and please, without judging.


We need to evaluate, because this is important for our survival, but we live in a time when constant assessment, without it being important for survival, has become a nasty habit. That does not make it easier to find the personal "right" and "consistent" way.


The Irantia Book, Part III

At the Irantia Light Academy, our main concern is to help people with their energetic clean-up work. The consequences of this, better health and a longer life, we experience every day in our contact with them. But we also experience that one often has to go through the emotional processes that are the causes of problems (of whatever kind). It never creates new symptoms, but the healing process, somewhere, sometime started and then interrupted, is continued and ended in this life.

In this third volume of the Irantia book series, we also offer a wealth of meditations, which ultimately sends attention energy into a specific subject area, activates it and then brings it to dissolution. This book focuses on the happiness chakra and all areas around the pursuit of happiness, or what keeps us from being happy. These are mostly unconscious things that should be brought into consciousness so that one can then deal with them. In addition to the meditations, a wealth of information is offered to help trigger aha effects, because then you understand what has happened in your own life and in some cases is still history.

The change begins with understanding.

Everyone has the right to happiness, including you.


ManaVeda - Magic of Knowledge, Part I - The four Lightbody of Healing

Humans have (not only) a great gift: they can "produce" new knowledge and bring forth old knowledge from their akashic stores and turn it into something new. The many research publications, inventions and novelties of different varieties in all areas of life show this more and more clearly. It is created so much that no one has the overview over it. But maybe other forces not only have an overview, but also control the whole thing.

Rudolf Steiner spoke about access to the Akasha, the world memory, and was thus far ahead of his time. Humans have a purpose of existence. They are part of a big industry and do not know about it. They should also not know, so they do not fight back. Knowledge can also be abused if it is not applied with wisdom. So, is the abyssal gift of humanity misused? If you believe the insiders of the secret space programs, then the answer is "yes".

Regardless of whether one can believe that or not, only a high heart vibration can ensure that above all esoteric knowledge is used wisely. "ManaVeda" means translated "magic of knowledge". "Knowledge" in turn means "recognizing relationships". If you, for example, know how a disease comes about, then you can also find ways to defeat it. Then you can heal. The connections of all diseases are closely linked to the thousands of chakras that exist. "Knowledge" also means "horizon". With this work your horizon is broadened.

This book introduces the first four light bodies of the rainbow body that you would normally need to meditate on in Tibet for at least a lifetime. (The last four follow in Volume II.) When you deal with them, healing takes place. She is the preparation for the ascent.


The Orim-Handbook

The Schatzberg - Adventure in Romania

Is our past much further back than we had anticipated? Is there a story before history? And: Are there records of it? An unusual man with special abilities is involved in answering these questions. This adventure begins with his birth and finally takes him to a place in Romania where there is a 50,000-year-old sphinx. But the mountain is home to unimaginable treasures that reach to a gold immortality powder.



The story told here should really have happened. But since intelligence services, secret societies and secrets are interwoven, it is difficult to say where the truth begins and / or ends. That can be decided on the own heart alone.


(Only available in German)

The 2. Key of Akasha - The Irantia Yoga Part 1

The 1. Key of Akasha - The Man and his Lightbody

We are undoubtedly living in a time that will bring a lot of innovations. The so-called Aquarian Age is on everyone's lips, the "New Age movement". But where does our way go and how can we go there? What do we need for the new era?


Even in science it is postulated that together with our star, all planets, moons, and other celestial bodies of this solar system, we have evidently reached a region of space that has other conditions than those we know and are used to. The atmospheres of all planets heat up, not only those of the earth and otherwise there are serious climate changes, even on the sun itself. Even natural constants change at least in the rear decimal places, so they are by no means constant. This means that the human being must, can and will adapt to changing conditions.

In this work, the Orim Light Body is presented, a light body that has been put together by 44 mystery schools of all times and other worlds exactly for the new coming "Golden Age" and the associated mental and physical changes. Metatron also added some light covers. What advantages the Orim offers and why it pays to take the trouble to look after not only its physical body, but also its energy system, is not only shown here, but also initiated immediately. Because only by the reading is worked on you. You automatically give permission for the clarification of your shadow body.


(Only available in German)

For decades, the so-called UFO phenomenon has been pushed to the margins of society, suppressed and ridiculed. People were literally conditioned on this subject. But it does not help: it is as real in our time as it has been for millennia. Celestial appearances and encounters with alien beings seem to accompany us through history as we examine more closely the accounts of antiquity and thereafter. Modern technology is now supporting testimony with its real "evidence," which until recently was simply pushed aside, even though it is fully recognized in processes.

This work deals now with some well-known and many not so publicized UFO encounters of modern times and with the so-called "Ancient Alien" phenomenon from the past. Be addressed

- crashed UFOs

- The Men in Black

- the involvement of NAZIS in this topic

- NASA and their strange alien behavior

- the war of the gods

- Portals to Earth and

- the Akasha gene


Great connections are made and new theories are presented about what the visitors might want from us.


(Only available in German)

In this Key of Akasha you will find powerful locations around the globe, fascinating people through the ages and extraordinary events that have happened to individuals or many. Learn to see this world and its inhabitants with new eyes. You'll also get to know the tools every person uses every day to retrieve information from the personal Akasha or the Gaia archives.


This book activates your personal Akasha. You can do this with two methods:


1. You read it like any other book, looking at the pictures in sequence, or

2. You only look at the pictures, as many as you like, also in order.


Both methods will significantly increase the amount of information and insight in your life, and that is what this book was written for.


(Only available in German)

Can you believe that every person has a light body? If not, then please do the following "exercise": Go into the bright sunlight, walk so that you can marry your shadow, so with the sun in the back and look at your "shadow head". You will soon realize that there is a glowing white / gold glow around him. The bright sunlight makes it possible to visualize the aura or light body in its most material form. You do not need any special ability for that. Everyone can look at this light around the body contours. You do not need to believe it.

The Lightbody, on the other hand, is a key to the Akasha, the archives of this world, as well as your personal soul files. In "Irantia Yoga" you do not need to make any difficult contortions and yet you can notice enormous effects for you. The exercises, combined with the breathing technique and awareness of what you are doing, will lead to a success that will change your life. Only when you are ready for change, this yoga is right for you. It leads you on an evolutionary path that is important to you as well as to all of humanity, as each one who evolves furthers the entire human collective.


The "Irantia-Yoga" releases themes, provides physical, mental and emotional fitness and an unprecedented well-being


(Only available in German)

The 4. Key of Akasha - The Visitor

The 3. Key of Akasha - The Earth

the salomon seal books the keys of akasha other books the divine writing tablets the books of irantia

With a certain pride and also a certain tension, I would like to introduce you to my first novel. It took a year and a lot of hard process work to write and, as always with me, it will have a series of follow-up books, since the plot is far too complex to fit into a book because it extends from Mary Magdalene to Arthus , Osiris to Dreamland, the planet of Nolans ...


"Miria, an antique dealer from Nuremberg, wakes every morning from a nightmare that ends with the death of Jesus on the Cross after returning from a trip to Israel. She feels all the pain and suffering that befell him. Since she can only remember the crucifixion scene, but not what happened before it, and because the constant emotional stress involved is affecting her life, she seeks professional help, and that sets in motion a chain of events she does relentlessly to an unknown destination. The path to this goal leads them to the Vatican but also to the memories of a young woman named Mirjam, who lived in Christ's time and will later be called Mary Magdalene.


(Only available in German)

The Salomon Seal Part 1 : Mary Magdalene

Miria, an antique dealer from Nuremberg is torn into the vortex of events whose dimensions are only gradually opening up. Not only is the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus narrated in a very special way, it is all about the primal struggle between good and evil. Who are the backers of the attacks on their lives and those of their friends? What is written in the Solomon seals that different parties absolutely want to get the manuscript in their hands? Surprisingly, relatives have magnified the mystery surrounding Miria's family and their heritage, which has been waiting to be launched for two thousand years.


(Only available in German)

The Salomon Seal Part 2 : Jeshu

The Road is the goal. This phrase is heard again and again in the spiritual world. But there are milestones on this path. But where does this path lead, and what do these intermediate goals look like? Kryon, Metatron, and other entities say that humanity is creating a new universe, but what has not yet been made known is that as humankind we emigrate to this new universe with this Earth, the solar system and even this local universe. The earth is being brought into another vibration and into another dimension, and with it all that exist on it. Although she is not the only one who starts this journey, but almost the workhorse. But why? On Earth, the central library is of everything-that-is, that is, it stores knowledge that is nowhere else accessible. Let's dive into the Living Library called Earth and its librarians: humanity!


(Only available in German)

Part 1 : On the Way of Heart

"Everything we experience in spiritualization is about becoming aware." The Golden Tablet is part of the Universal Library, the Akasha, which contains information that we humans experience today, at a time when we are crossing an evolutionary threshold Each individual will be transformed into a new being during his lifetime by filling his energy system with light, making everything in the system visible - dark as hell, not just for us humans but also for organizations and even nations, visualization is revelation, nothing more can be kept from what has been swept under the carpet, a truly amazing time lies ahead of us, a time of healing at any level, because of flight through the tunnel and at the same time its effect, because the individual tunnel sections are healing spaces.


(Only available in German)

Part 2 : The Golden Writing Tablets - A New Creation

The Irantia Book Part 1

The Irantia Book Part 2


These and all the following words, come from the source of wisdom.

They flow to you through your heart, which is why your heart understands their meaning.

However, your human mind can not grasp it and its meaning.

But he has to recognize the greatness that there are incomprehensible things for him.

He has the ability to expand his boundaries, to dissolve, if it is your will.

It's your choice, your mind has a choice You two can unite with your heart.

Everyone will win. May the words of wisdom help you.




(Only available in German)

From the Source of Wisdom - from Annerose Schill

"Color Therapy for Eating"


189 delicious color recipes and many extras, such as color salts, vinegar and oils. A feast for the senses and also healthy ...


3 books in one


The most simple recipes make you want to prepare and enjoy, with lots of tips for experimenting.


(Only available in German)


Heavenly Pleasure - from Heidi Elina Gregor

"Light is information. The lack of light is therefore a lack of information." Nahutep is the daughter of the ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep, who once built for the Pharaoh Djoser (around 2700 BC) the stepped pyramid of Saqqara and today as Ascended Master Serapiy Bey the white beam governed. Nahutep comments on proverbs of wisdom on issues of everyday life today, revealing for the first time a special secret knowledge from Egypt that can help humanity's awakening process. The meaning of numbers, love, chakras and kundalini, time and reality are just a few of the topics addressed by Nahutep. This is one of the manuscripts that was lost in the great fire of the Library of Alexandria, the largest of its kind in antiquity, and can now be revealed again. Over time, other authors will re-publish the old but timelessly important works, so that the lost knowledge of the past of mankind can become complete again.


(Only available in German)

Nahutep - Timeless Wisdom from Egypt

The word "love" is one of the most widely used and abused words in the world in all languages. In this work, the spirit world illuminates through various masters, angels, ray guides, and other beings as they see love. Information about twin flames and dual souls as well as messages from various masters from Shambalah (mystical place of the Ascended Masters in the Himalayas) are channeled. The love of partnership and sexuality are also considered in the light of the New Age. With many meditations, helpful symbols and mantras to support certain aspects of New Energy life.


(Only available in German)

Love in the Rainbow Age

This card set is one of the keyrings that give you access to yourself, an access you've never been able to. He is only one of many of these keychains, but also contains master keys. Keys are there to open doors and use them. Use it well. An instruction manual has been given to each key, because you can not just turn it over. The key consists of a number, the wisdom saying from the source, the explanation of this saying as well as a respective meditation. This card set reveals a little more of who and what KRYON really is and why he / she is here. The cards of this set, channeled by KRYON, are similar to a variety of keychains that give us access to ourselves an access as he has never been possible before. It is only one of many of these keychains, but also contains master keys. Keys are there to open doors and use them. So let's take good care! For each key KRYON has given a manual, because you can not just turn it over. The key consists of a number, the wisdom saying from the source, the explanation of this saying and a corresponding meditation.


(Only available in German)

Kryon Book and Cards Set - Wisdom from the Source

This book is the result of the work of grace and was written under the patronage of the silver-shimmering ray. The abundance of healing meditations is a unique gift from the source for the Ascension era. 56 healing meditations are presented, ranging from "arriving in the body", "collecting soul splinters", "healing the birth trauma" to "renewing the light". Kryon explains the reasons for the individual meditations and provides background information, while the meditations are channeled directly from the source. With this work, there is another cornerstone for the New Age that many can rely on. This book is the result of the work of grace and was written under the auspices of the silver-shimmering Ray. The abundance of healing meditations is a unique gift from the source for the Ascension era. 56 healing meditations are presented, ranging from "arriving in the body", "collecting soul splinters", "healing the birth trauma" to "renewing the light". Kryon explains the reasons for the individual meditations and provides background information, while the meditations are channeled directly from the source. In the chapter "The Hologram" Kryon also explains with the help of a small story, how it could come to the situation, in which the humanity (and with it the entire universe) is now. With this work, there is another cornerstone for the New Age, on which many can build.


(Only available in German)

Kryon - Messages from the Source - Wake-up call for humanity

This book contains a wealth of brand-new information for the 21st century transmitted by the representatives and leaders of the 12 divine rays - including El Morya, Lady Rowena, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Maha Cohan, Sananda , Kuthumi,), as well as of Archangel Michael, Metatron, KRYON, the dolphin lady Lara and even Lady Gaia to the processes, which can be summarized with the term "rise".

(Often available used on Amazon)


(Only available in German)

The Rainbow Age - The Humanity Awakes

Numerous illustrations and drawings, ISSN 1435-1056, Roland Roth

The OMICRON series "OMICRON-Report" presents in each volume border-scientific considerations by expert authors, all of whom have extensive knowledge in their fields. These people have set themselves the goal of scrutinizing the puzzles of humanity and the earth-historical past, and the series offers one of the not always exhaustive ways to make existing facts and research accessible to a wider audience. However, these authors, who usually show an almost admirable meticulousness, are well aware that a broad acceptance of their research is only possible step by step. Patrizia Pfister is one of those writers, always on the look-out for new evidence of her research, and always in recognition and rejection.

(currently only available used in bookstores)


(Only available in German)

Face with Foreigners : interventions from other worlds

At age 38, I took a health record that startled me: age spots, premature graying of the hair and hair loss, cellulite, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, brittle fingernails, obesity and allergies were just a few of ailments. Much of it, I believed to have to accept as normal symptoms of aging - until I finally realized what the cause of my little aches was...


(Only available in German)

The Deacidification of the Body: The Ultimate Fountain of Youth and Slimming! The acid-base balance as a concept for a healthy and extremely long life

Did people immigrate from another planet? The world ages from a different perspective. Anyone who deals with the traditions of the ancient nations has already noticed that there are always four (or more) ages in the world. Most of the time this is interpreted so that after a planet-wide disaster, humanity just had to start over again. Even this thought is often considered only with a mild smile, since there may have never been such catastrophes, because then we would know of it. But that is exactly the point: we know about it, namely through the often verbal, but later also often in writing passed on statements in various traditions around the world. Only hardly anyone takes seriously these days. There is the idea openly expressed by the Hopi (the oldest people on the North American continent), namely, that with World-Ages, there are even four different worlds, i. Planten are meant, the more monstrous. Mankind can not possibly live on the fourth planet, it is not that old. ...


(Only available in German)

4 Ages - 4 Worlds? Tracing the search for the origins of Humanity

In all the people of this earth one finds traditions about 'divine cultural bringer'. These people, beings or gods, usually displayed a very human behavior. So they begat with the 'beautiful earth daughters' children, to whom they also conveyed a part of their knowledge. This can be understood through numerous myths in almost every culture. I therefore assume that humanity already had space technology. I have specifically looked for information concerning this question, and I have indeed found - in part very clear - traces that speak for this thesis. What if humans had actually lived on different planets some time in the past? ...


(Only available in German)

Space Travel - A Timeless Phenomenon?

Did you already deal with the acid-base balance? Then you yourself know how urgent it is to restore this. If one calculates alone the current rates of increase, e.g. high in cancer, so in 2010, every German citizen directly or indirectly came into contact with it! Do not let it get that far! Also, in general, to combat the so-called civilization diseases of all kinds, such as obesity, hyperactivity and eczema (not only in children) or e.g. at various aging phenomena such. The cellulite that bothers so many women helps my program. Cellulite is ultimately nothing more than an external sign of hyperacidity. If you swamp your acids out of the body, cellulite will disappear by itself. All chronic diseases such as gout, rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, high cholesterol, etc. can be attributed to a sinking mineral level with a simultaneous increase in slag level. And even hyperactive children can be helped with it - without any medication! Are you on the spiritual path? Again, it is essential to clean. Only then can the energy of the body flow unhindered and a further development take place! In this book is how it works! Read how to restore your health. It is up to you and your responsibility. Stay or just become young and healthy again!


(Only available in German)

The deacidification of the body in 10 steps: The acid-base balance - Instructions for the elimination of pathogenic acid

Double-CD, about 130 minutes long.


(Only available in German)

Audio CD: Kryon - Meditations from the Source


1) Opening of the healing room

2) Intelligence rhythm

3) Order rhythm

4) Grounding rhythm

5) Heartbeat of the earth

6) Female power rhythm

7) Male power rhythm

8) Living in abundance

9) Name of your own power

10) Peace rhythm

11) Come into your own power

12) Blockade crusher

13) Nolan rhythm

14) To the 8th universe

15) Tantra rhythm


The Heartbeat of the Earth 1

This CD contains an introductory and concluding annotation specially given by KRYON as well as the meditations from the eponymous book "The Rainbow Age - The Humanity Awakens", so that one does not have to constantly read but can indulge in meditation. The meditations have been updated, adapted to the ever-changing energies, and underlaid with specially composed music that creates a relaxing atmosphere, allowing maximum impact.


(Only available in German)

Audio CD - The Rainbow Age Meditations



  1) Arrive

  2) Lifting the lack consciousness

  3) Living in your own power

  4) Acceptance of own light

  5) Order rhythm

  6) Order in chaos

  7) Fear management rhythm

  8) Channel rhythm

  9) Championship rhythm

10) Know what you are doing

11) Rejuvenation rhythm

12) Letting go of curses

13) Lifting of manipulation

14) Merkabah rhythm

15) Letting go of outside energies

16) Own pace

The Heartbeat of the Earth 2

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